The Recognition Glue

We’ve found that employee recognition done right – consistently and frequently – is the tipping point between “willing” employees who will only do what is required to get the job done and “engaged” employees who put extra effort into their work to improve efficiency and results.

What’s the value to your company of more engaged employees? Engaged employees feel more commitment to the organization. In a workplace reality where employees of the younger generations typically remain at a job for no more than 4-5 years, expecting lifetime loyalty is long a thing of the past. But while employees are with your firm – and to retain them far beyond four years – recognize their efforts in a way that shows the value of their effort and that you value them.

You’ll certainly reduce your recruiting and on-boarding costs. Gallup says that employees who feel they are recognized are also half as likely to leave their company as employees who do not feel recognized.

So how do you build that tipping point? How do you push your employees from “willing” to “engaged”? What are you doing today?

Let us know what you think. We’ll discuss in our next post what Globoforce has learned through best practices – how to realize the results of recognition in your organization.

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