Subliminal Logo Impact – What Does Your Team REALLY Think?

The Boston Globe recently posted a summary of research conducted by a group of psychologists into how brands can actually change behavior even when the act of purchasing something is removed from the equation entirely. Experiments exposed subjects to brand logos and then tested them on creativity or honesty. The Globe cites examples where those exposed (even subliminally) to the Apple logo were more creative than those exposed to IBM; and those exposed to the Disney Channel logo were more honest than those exposed to an E! Channel logo.

Does that make you stop and wonder what your company logo – even subliminally – is inspiring in your workforce?

A logo is so much more than a marketing concept or a pretty illustration – it embodies a company’s history and its perception in the public eye. A logo causes a visceral reaction that is tied more to emotion than logic.

I’ve blogged in the past about taking your company values off the engraved wall plaque and bringing them to life. It should be these values that come to mind when your employees see your logo.

At Globoforce, we work hard to instill a culture of appreciation throughout our offices and our team members. I hope that our logo inspires in them a sense of value in their work and a feeling of being appreciated for their efforts.

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