High Performance Culture – Critical Factor #1: Engaged Employees

To achieve a High Performance Culture, companies need engaged employees that are enthusiastic, involved and recognized.

Engaged employees – those employees who are willing to go beyond what is required to get the job done by looking for opportunities to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and personal and team results – are enthusiastic about the company and their role in it. These employees are truly energized by their daily efforts at work and are enthusiastic about their personal career prospects and those of the company for which they choose to work.

Engaged employees are also more involved in their office community than the majority of their peers. These employees seek out committees to contribute to and initiatives to help plan. Engaged employees also tend to look beyond themselves to assist their colleagues and attempt to involve them more deeply in the organization as well.

Engaged employees are also consistently recognized for their efforts. Employees need to be recognized as important contributors to the culture and values that support the company mission, as well as the company’s bottom-line. Check out a past blog on the topic here.

As an employee, are you enthusiastic about your job, involved in your company and recognized for your efforts? Managers – do you see your team members in this description? Are you doing enough as their manager to help them become engaged?

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