Be Happy: Give Your Money Away

A March issue of Science magazine included an article titled “Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness.” If the goal of strategic recognition programs is to promote the happiness of our employees, then according to validated scientific research we should also be giving our employees a way to give more to others.

A unique feature in the Globoforce recognition platform is the reward recipient’s ability to choose “Charity” as redemption option. As our consumer culture begins to be buried in “stuff,” we’re finding more and more people are choosing to give their rewards away. This triggers a double positive reaction in the employees mind – once for being recognized by the company for their exceptional efforts and then again by the altruistic action of giving that recognition to those more in need.

Giving employees the Reward of Choice should never be limited to more “stuff.” Give them the ability to choose a memorable reward that is meaningful to them – in ways many managers may not have considered.

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