Global Crossing's Strategic Recognition Success Makes the Cover!

Check out the cover story of the latest issue of HRO Europe! Engagement Worth Celebrating: Global Crossing Needed a Tailor-Made Recognition Program. Globoforce Was a Perfect Fit.

Global Crossing launched their global strategic employee recognition platform recently and are already seeing excellent results. This cover story digs deeply into Global Crossing’s experience with Strategic Recognition.

Bruce Colligan, vice president of human resources at Global Crossing, is quoted in the article, “Recognizing employees for their contributions to our strategic initiatives has proven its mettle. When people feel they’re valued, they become more motivated, and that drives better overall performance.”

And as Russ Banham, the reporter, concludes, “By fostering a ‘thank you’ culture in an organization, motivating employees to take pride in their work, and encouraging workers to recognize the service of their peers, recognition programs are differentiating companies from the competition. Senior executives may get the big bucks and much of the kudos, but it’s the rank and file that truly make a difference.”

So, what are you doing to recognize your “rank and file” and engage them in your company’s strategic initiatives?

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