Global Crossing Achieves Strategic Recognition

HR Director recently published “Cutting E.D.G.E. Workforces” – a discussion of Global Crossing’s implementation of strategic recognition. An expert:

“To create a culture of appreciation and employee engagement, companies are turning to employee recognition solution providers like Globoforce. Global Crossing is one company that is making strides in strategic employee recognition. Global Crossing, a leading global IP solutions provider, is focused on delivering a high-touch and personal connection with its customers regardless of where they are located in the world. The company is equally committed to its employees by fostering a culture of appreciation among its workforce by making a strong commitment to its employee engagement and recognition efforts.”

Global Crossing leadership understand fully the strategic impact recognition can have on employee engagement , and therefore on the bottom line.

I encourage you to read the article and compare your company’s commitment to recognition and engagement. Do you have “cutting edge” recognition in your workplace?

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