Pixar * Company Culture as It Should Be

Matt Radel posted an excellent blog entry on Pixar’s culture that “creates an incredible work environment that keeps employees happy and fulfilled.” Pixar, the design house behind some of the most beloved recent animated films including WALL-E, Ratatouille, and Toy Story, focuses on engaging its people at all levels, and uniting them behind a common purpose – making great films.

As Matt said: “You can try to outspend the competition. Or you can try to outculture them. Create a place that makes employees feel special. A place that makes them feel like they’re part of a bigger whole. A place where they continually get to learn and evolve. A place where everyone actually likes each other.”

Exactly, Matt. People may join companies for tangibles like compensation. But they stay with companies with a culture that encourages them, fosters their unique talents, and engages them in their daily tasks.

Does your company approach a Pixar standard? What would you change about your company culture if you could?

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