Intuit Spotlight Recognition Featured in Talent Management

Eric Mosley, our CEO, recently published an article in Talent Management magazine. “Intuit Spotlights Strategic Importance of Recognition” highlights the very impressive strategic employee recognition program Intuit now has in place. In fact, Intuit and the Spotlight program are the subject of a business case that is now in the curriculum at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Jim Grenier, vice president of human resources at Intuit, explains the value of the Spotlight program:

"It's all about trying to create excitement in the culture. It's part of trying to build momentum and keep that momentum going. But how do you keep the momentum going day-to-day? You want to let people know they are doing a good job and, at the same time, reinforce the same messages about where the business is going and what's important."

Intuit achieved best practice goals of program adoption by seeing awards reach 20,000 employees in the first year of the program, and grow to 26,000 the following year. Within two years, between 90 and 95 percent of eligible employees had received at least one award.

With such a strong appreciation culture in place, it is no surprise Fortune listed Intuit as the most admired software company in the U.S. in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. In a 2007 survey that included eight categories, Intuit ranked No. 1 in people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management and quality of products and services. Fortune also regularly includes Intuit in its list of the best places to work, and its employee recognition program is one reason for this acknowledgement.

Kudos to Intuit for demonstrating so well their commitment to their employees.

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