The Lessons of Childhood Still Apply

This terrific post on likeability in the workplace offers a couple of tips specific to recognition that everyone can (and should) do for no cost at all.
Compliment People Who Deserve It – Go out of your way to personally acknowledge and complement the people who have gone out of their way to shine. Everybody likes to hear that their efforts are appreciated.

It really is as simple as telling people why and how the work they have done is good.
Say “Please” and “Thank You” – These 2 simple phrases make demands sound like requests and inject a friendly tone into serious conversations. It can mean the difference between sounding rude and sounding genuinely grateful.

Yes, those lessons we learned as young children still apply in the workplace. And the power of a simple “thank you” to motivate and improve performance has been proven in countless research studies – one of which I recently blogged about.

What other simple things make your day at the office more pleasant? What do you wish your colleagues would do more often?

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