Employees Accountable for Own Engagement

Judy McLeish recently discussed the role the employee plays in their own engagement on her “Employee Factor” blog. I agree with Judy’s conclusion that “engagement” cannot be spoon-fed to the employee by the company – employees must be active participants and driving forces in increasing their own engagement as well.

Judy encourages employees to become accountable and make a personal pledge “to themselves and to others to deliver specific results as defined by their role and responsibilities within their workplace.”

Three suggestions Judy made to employees to help them become accountable really stood out to me:
1) “Always strive to be and deliver more than is expected.”
2) “Take the time to understand what your brand stands for and how you can accurately represent it in every interaction.”
3) “Take personal responsibility for your role and responsibilities within your organization.”

Yes, these seem obvious and what is expected from employees for the paycheck they earn. However, we all know this is often not the case. Think what would happen in your own organization if the majority of your employees adopted these three principles.

Think about what you can do to encourage these behaviors – this accepting of accountability – in your team members or your peers. I believe a simple “thank you” – frequent and consistent acknowledgment of their efforts – for striving to work according to these principles goes a long way in helping employees want to accept accountability for their own engagement. Give it a try.

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