Motivating and Communicating from the C-Suite recently conducted a survey of 8,700 workers on the ability of their managers and c-level executives to inspire them and communicate with them.

More than half of those surveyed don’t feel motivated within their organizations and need more personal attention and development. 58% specifically said senior management does not motivate them, citing a need for greater companywide communication and motivation from C-level executives.

Most senior executives would agree it is difficult to communicate effectively and sincerely to all employees in a meaningful way that also motivates them to higher performance. Our global strategic employee recognition programs are designed to specifically overcome these challenges by providing a forum for C-level executives to communicate company values and strategic objectives to all employees in a positive and encouraging platform.

Of course, communicating to all employees in this way is only possible when best practices for frequent recognition for the majority of employees are followed.

How about you? Are you motivated by your C-level executives? Do you wish they communicated more? What are your suggestions?

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