An Actionable Division Performance Review

Continuing on our theme of the annual review, Tim Wright wrote recently in his Culture to Engage blog on The 3 Feedbacks that (Can) Matter to Employee Engagement.

In addition to the annual performance review and 360 degree feedback I discussed on Monday, Tim also brings up the employee feedback mechanism – usually in the form of an employee satisfaction or opinion survey.

Tim makes excellent points in his post on the value of all three forms of feedback. By using and combining these elements, managers can begin to draw a clearer picture on the contributions, achievements and areas for improvement for each employee. But what about senior executives who are trying to draw a similar picture on the contributions and achievements of entire teams, departments, regions or the even the company as a whole?

Deployed globally, strategically with a target of 80-90% participation and with the proper metrics and means for measurement established from the outset, recognition programs can reveal trends across the organization and areas needing targeted adjustment. We call this values-driven recognition, which is individual recognition aligned with what is strategically significant to the company mission. Values-driven recognition helps align employees with that company mission, while also greatly enhancing their commitment in its delivery.

With the appropriate reporting mechanisms, executives can evaluate what areas of the company are not achieving needed levels of “innovation” or “customer service” or other critical company values. These lagging indicators allow leadership to target those groups for additional training or other intervention for improvement.

What about your organization? Are you offering your senior executives a measurable, effective and truly accurate view into employee performance in a way that will allow intervention for improvement? Share your techniques in comments.

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