Helping Employees Understand Recognition Programs

Another recent Hay Group study found only 33% of companies communicate their philosophy and strategy for rewarding employees effectively, but 80% believe reward communication has a positive impact on performance, satisfaction, retention and engagement. Rich Sperling, a senior Hay Group consultant said:
“When times are tough economically, it is more important than ever for companies to clearly communicate their commitment to employees. Employers can leverage a variety of financial and non-financial rewards to engage employees during tough times when budgets are tight, but communicating and reinforcing those messages through a variety of channels is critical. Rewards programs are one of the largest controllable expenses for most companies, but most spend little time or resources evaluating program effectiveness or reinforcing its value with employees.”

Communicating your recognition philosophy so all employees – managers and staff – understand not only what is deserving of recognition but, critically, why and how recognition impacts the bottom line ensures both the success of the recognition program itself and also the increase in motivation and productivity you need to accomplish your strategic objectives.

Clearly communicating reward program objectives requires, as Hay Group puts it, “Simplifying the communications by limiting the number of key messages.”

Key messages of a recognition program should include:

1) Sincere appreciation for exceptional effort
2) Behaviors, actions and attitudes deserving of recognition based on your company values and strategic objectives (your recognition philosophy)
3) How and when to recognize fellow employees (the tactics of recognition)

By following these steps, you are creating a clear “language of recognition” that can be understood by all, giving every employee everywhere in the world and in all divisions the same simple guidelines for achieving at level you need that will also earn them rewards they care about through our Reward of Choice.

What are your tips for successful recognition program communication? Join the conversation in comments.

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