"In Good Company" * The Mark of an Engaging Workplace

I arrived in Boston last weekend to spend some time in our Massachusetts office and happened to catch this episode (video embedded below - email subscribers, click through for viewing) on CBS Sunday Morning -- “In Good Company: Imagine Coming to Work at a Company Where Trust, Collaboration, and Communication Are Equally as Valued as the Bottom Line.”

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Based on the latest Fortune magazine Best Companies to Work For list, the show focused on W.L. Gore and Associates (makers of GoreTex fabric and numerous other manufactured goods) and NetApp (No. 1 on the Best Companies’ list).

The reporter, Rita Braver, calls out the marks of a good place to work throughout the story, highlighting:

* People want to come to work everyday.
* The company cares about its people.
* People are friendly with each other.
* Having fun and a life outside of work is encouraged.

I encourage you to watch this brief six minute clip as the two CEOs strongly endorse, support and foster cultures of appreciation in their organizations. Just look at this one quote from NetApp CEO Dan Warmenhoven:
“When someone is motivated, when they’re engaged, they’ll do five times as much. When they understand where the company is going and they feel good about it, magic happens.”

Terri Kelly, CEO of W.L. Gore (No. 15 on the list), agrees with the sentiment, but also recognizes “Having a strong culture for culture’s sake will not ensure success. We need to create products customers value as well.”

Watch the video
and tell me what you think. Do you believe, as I do, that companies must continue to invest in their people in this way to not only survive the recession, but to come out on top of their markets? Or do you believe it’s throwing money away in a down economy? Tell me in comments.

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