Tell Me * How Is the Recession Changing YOUR Company?

During the last few months in this blog, I’ve examined the impact of the recession on employees, managers, and industry at large. I’ve commented on the seemingly vast research on this topic and on news reports surrounding the recession and the impact to workplace morale and productivity. Of course, I’ve also illustrated the power of recognition to overcome or address many of these challenges.

Now it’s your turn.

How is the recession affecting your organization’s benefits and compensation programs? Are your current programs under close scrutiny to find extraneous costs to trim? Is your company cutting or increasing budgets for your HR programs and benefits? Has your company been forced to consider layoffs? How have these cuts or layoffs affected the overall morale of the company?

Tell us what you think in our latest market research survey. We would like your views on the adjustments your organization may be making to core compensation options including recognition in an effort to streamline expenses and stay competitive. To see how your organization ranks against others in your industry, take our Managing Expectations Survey now.

This short survey will take only five minutes to complete. In return you will receive a complimentary copy of the “Managing Expectations: HR’s Adjustments during the Recession & Employee Opinion on its Effects” white paper. If you are one of the first 100 respondents to complete this survey, you will also receive a $10 gift card redeemable at Barnes & Noble, Starbucks or

Our previous market research studies are also available on our website. There you can download “Engaging the Global Workforce: Bridging the Gap between Finance and Talent Management” or “Great Expectations: Building the Employee Recognition Program Your CEO Wants.”

Thank you for your participation. Let your voice be heard!

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