Leading from the Top with Recognition * Lessons from the CEO & CFO

I write often about the need to make recognition strategic. One of our key tenets for doing so is securing executive sponsorship of your recognition plans and programs. Unless your senior leaders buy into and actively promote employee recognition as a strategic initiative of the company, then you will not realize the positive culture change possible through simple, but measured appreciation of effort.

Chief Learning Officer magazine recently reported on a national CEO survey, showing CEOs are refocusing on “strengthening business by building stronger relationships” with employees and customers.
“Surprisingly, almost 70% of these company leaders are motivating staff with simple, yet effective, non-financial rewards, such as verbal and written recognition.”

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are following suit as well. Accountemps recently released a survey of 1,400 U.S. CFOs, showing:
68% of CFOs said they are implementing strategies to boost the moods of their teams. The survey found that the most common way businesses are attempting to raise workplace morale is through increased and improved communication (37%); while 15% enhanced employee recognition programs. In a period of economic uncertainty, managers need to invest even more time and effort into maintaining team morale.”

These survey findings reinforce earlier results counseling communication and recognition as the most powerful means of motivation during this recession. Using a strategic employee recognition program as a tool for communication of key messages gets you there that much faster. Then you are also clearly communicating your appreciation for the value your employees bring.

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