Retain Employees with Cost-Effective Recognition

Our CEO, Eric Mosley was cited in the Wall Street Journal this week in an article on tips for retaining top employees in a recession.
“Recognition builds loyalty and lets managers reinforce good behavior immediately. On the other hand, performance-based bonuses typically are given out just once a year (if that) and are far more costly.

One warning: Make sure all employees, from top to bottom, have the opportunity to participate in the recognition program, says Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, a designer of employee-recognition programs. Otherwise, you'll risk playing favorites.”

Also, do you not have the time to read the latest research or tips on recognition? Globoforce offers podcasts for listening on your commute or at your convenience.

Our latest podcast is now available for download - “Making Your Employee Recognition Programs Strategic: Defining and Developing a Program that Provides Bottom Line Benefits without Additional Spend.” You’ll learn how to maximize the impact of your recognition programs to achieve greater measurable results with no additional budget investment.

Listen now or download it to your iPod for later.

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