Measuring Recognition: Building the Business Case

Do you need concrete, real world suggestions for how to structure, deliver and report on a measurement program for your employee recognition initiative?

Available today is our latest white paper: Measuring Recognition: How to Build the Business Case for Strategic Recognition in a Recession.

In the paper, I discuss why measurement is important, how to structure a measurement program for recognition, and how to report results meaningfully to employees, managers and executives. I take you through the five main steps to building a successful recognition measurement program that reports ROI and other critical-to-success results.

1) Determine Metrics of Success
2) Establish a Performance Baseline for Recognition
3) Measure Regularly and Consistently
4) Analyze Results and Look for Trends
5) Report to Target Audiences in a Way that Matters

But you cannot forget the people in the process. Remember you are measuring a program meant to encourage employees, build morale and increase productivity against your strategic objectives. Your people must be involved in the process of creating that recognition program in the first place. As Jason said on the Engauge blog:
“You don’t get to decide what engages employees, what they think works best, what they don’t like. They do. To find out, you need to talk to them. Get them involved in the process and find out what works and what doesn’t. What they like may not be what you would choose, but if there’s no good business reason not to, go with their choice. It will be worth it.”
Are you measuring for success in your employee recognition program? Tell me in comments how you are doing so.

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