WEBINAR * Employees Tell How to Boost Productivity & Morale

In this global recession, companies are facing layoffs, frozen salaries, and other benefit cuts. Do you know how your employees perceive and are reacting to these changes? How are you ensuring the employees “left behind” are motivated and inspired to do more with less?

Find out what employees told us and how this compares to HR assumptions.

Join me
on Thursday, June 18, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern/8:30am Pacific/4:30pm GMT. In this webinar, I will review the results of our recent market research study and offer recommendations for increasing employee morale and productivity during this recession.

Click here to register for this 45 minute webinar.

A significant portion of the webinar will be dedicated to Q&A. I would love to hear your feedback or any questions you would like me to address during the Q&A portion of the webinar. Just share your questions or thoughts in the comments section. Be sure to let me know what you're doing now to tackle this issue in your own workplace.

Registrants will receive a free copy of our latest white paper that summarizes our research, "Voice of the Employee: How to Overcome the Morale Crisis with Increased Communication and Recognition."

I look forward to sharing this with you next week.

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