New Pocasts * Measuring Recognition & Voice of the Employee

I’m thrilled to say we have two new podcasts available for those who prefer to keep up on their employee recognition strategy via their MP3 player of choice or online. Both are available via iTunes subscription or download through the links below.

The first podcast is Measuring Recognition, which tells you how to build the business case for a strategic recognition program by showing the program’s value and success through clear measurement and reporting against needed business results. Subscribe in iTunes | Download Now

The second podcast is Voice of the Employee, the results of our recent market research on the perspectives and desires of HR leaders and employees during this recession. You’ll learn the employee perceptions and reactions to layoffs, salary freezes and benefit cuts and what you need to do to motivate and inspire those who are left behind. Also discussed are the surprising disparities between employee reality and HR assumptions and what employees want you to do to increase their morale and productivity. Subscribe in iTunes | Download Now

Once you’ve had a chance to listen to the podcasts, let me know what you think in comments.

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