Recognizing Fairmont

Workspan magazine, the member publication of WorldatWork, recently published an excellent case study on Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ Strategic Employee Recognition Program. A few highlights from the article:
In the hospitality industry, service is directly tied to the bottom line, so innovative companies must create an employee engagement strategy that is motivating and meaningful to all employees. Toronto-based Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has done just that with its Serviceplus Colleague Recognition Program. The one-of-a-kind strategic program embraces and communicates the company’s core values while helping create an engaged culture where its 30,000 employees — also called “colleagues” — deliver on the company’s mission and are fully committed to their day-to-day work, team, management and organization.

Since launching the program in May 2007, Fairmont has seen impressive improvement regarding employee recognition. In fact, according to the company’s most recent employee engagement survey, the following survey items have shown significant increases:
• I’m recognized for a job well done.
• The best performers receive the greatest recognition.
• I’m recognized in ways that have special meaning to me.

In addition, since the program’s launch, employee surveys and qualitative feedback have shown that employee engagement at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has increased significantly.

Of note from the employer perspective: In a recent BusinessWeek and J.D. Power & Associates survey, Fairmont scored third place overall out of the 50 best providers of customer service across a variety of industries in the Customer Service Champions survey. And Maclean’s magazine has rated Fairmont as one of Canada’s top 100 employers for eight years running.

Fairmont continues to see vast increases in the use of Serviceplus, and the engagement factor of employees continues to rise. Serviceplus has helped Fairmont extend its global presence beyond Canadian borders and encourages employees worldwide to celebrate the exceptional work their colleagues do every day, whether it’s given right on the spot, weekly, monthly or annually.

We’re pleased to be in partnership with Fairmont and wish them continued success.

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