Globoforce No. 10 on TechCrunch Europe Top 100

I'm thrilled at the recent news that Globoforce made the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 list this year. The Index, which was created by TechCrunch Europe alongside YouNoodle, ranks the most innovative and highest-potential European tech companies. As a new entry to the list, it's particularly impressive we made it to the number 10 spot on this year's list of high-growth tech companies in Europe.

This article on the Top 100 Index had this to say:

“The companies that have made great progress in the last few months are ones that have being doing important things like generating revenue. … Although I’d like to see more European startups thinking globally from the start, and going for growth, no-one is saying one shouldn’t have at least half an eye trained on where the business model is going to come from.”

Eric Mosley, our CEO, commented: “Since our inception, we made the strategic decision to take a global view in our approach for not only our business model but also better serving the varied needs of current and future global clients. This mindset positioned us for success in a crowded marketplace, as it enabled us to help global companies unify their employees and cultures through employee recognition programmes that are built on a global platform but executed locally.”

This, of course, could not have been accomplished without the innovation and leadership exhibited by all of our employees around the world. To our employees, thank you to all of you for everything that you do every day to live our values: Imagination + Determination = Innovation!

Also, a tremendous shout of appreciation to our customers who have also partnered with us in bringing truly strategic recognition and the power of a sincere thank you to their employees around the world.

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At February 09, 2010 4:19 PM, Derek Irvine said...

Thanks, Working Girl. We're quite proud of everyone.