A Challenge: Make a “Recognition Resolution” on Employee Appreciation Day

In an effort to encourage appreciation of employees, Recognition Professionals International created Employee Appreciation Day as a day to focus attention on the efforts of all employees, in all industries and thank them for their work.

This isn’t enough. We know strategic recognition works in increasing employee engagement, productivity and loyalty. So what are you waiting for? One day a year where you better not forget to say thank you?

As I said in this news release, today should not be just a one-day celebration. Rather, today should be a wake-up call to make a commitment to recognize and appreciate employees year-round and see firsthand the impact that a recognition strategy can have on business results.

What’s your excuse for not yet actioning a strategic recognition program that can boost employee engagement by 10-15% in one year?

I’m issuing a challenge: yes, show your employees how much you appreciate them today, but also resolve to make recognition part of your every day going forward. Why is this important? Just ask those around you how a sign of appreciation and thanks made an impact on them.

In fact, that’s part of my challenge. Share your inspirational stories of employee recognition experiences with us to help others see the dramatic power of recognition in the workforce. Some ideas:

• How a particular recognition moment made a personal impact
• How the use of a recognition system helped engage employees and change a company’s culture
• How recognizing an employee changed the perspective of a manager
• Recognition examples that differ from one country to another
• An inspirational employee recognition story that demonstrates the power of appreciation
• A company’s or individual manager’s commitment to meeting Globoforce’s challenge of making a “recognition resolution” and how the goal will be accomplished

Tell me your story here in comments, or post on Globoforce’s Facebook page as well as on Twitter. Tweets should contain the following official hash tags: #recognitionstory #EAD2010 (in honor of Employee Appreciation Day)

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