Recognition * More than Just Appreciation

Many mistakenly think that recognition is only about expressing appreciation – telling someone thank you and moving on. In reality, recognition is about far more and, when applied strategically as in peer-to-peer recognition programs, it encourages teamwork and builds chemistry.

Kris Dunn, the HR Capitalist, wrote well about this, keying off this basketball highlights video:

“For those of you that don't know the culture of basketball, it's now common and customary for teammates to come up after a free throw and give the shooter a high/low five before he shoots his second shot.

“Let's look at what Bogut [the shooter] did. His team (the Bucks) are in the dramatic minority in that the two teammates on the side of the lane did not come up to encourage him after the first shot. I'm guessing Bogut is used to this, because instead of staying on the line, he comes forward and is either trying to give himself encouragement or is mocking the fact that his teammates won't give him encouragement that has become customary at the college and pro level. Get with the program, he seems to be saying. Either way, it's bad.

“Is there any doubt after viewing that the Bucks are in decline as a team? If they refuse this level of chemistry, what happens when teamwork and chemistry is really required?

“Small recognitions in the day-to-day workplace. It's not always about recognition, sometimes it's about encouragement and chemistry.”

I admit I don’t know the culture of basketball as well as Mr. Dunn. But I do know the power of a culture of recognition. Frequent recognition of the efforts of our teammates and colleagues that make our jobs easier and help us all succeed builds such a powerful culture.

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