Unions, Recognition & Engagement on Compensation Cafe

Today on Compensation Cafe I wrote about Unions, Recognition and Employee Engagement.

An excerpt:

"In today’s workplace, unions still have power when they need to step in for employee rights. There are strong arguments that the union has run its course in some fields. Anger or just disbelief over union actions in France this week is making headlines around the world. Regardless of your position on unions, the bottom line in private-sector companies is that leadership would not have to be concerned about unionization in their workforce if they create a work environment in which employees do not see a need unionize, in which employees feel their interests are attended to, they have a safe and fair work environment, they are not just allowed but encouraged to work and achieve to their full potential."

Click over to Compensation Cafe for the full post, including Gallup research on engagement and unions, and let me know what you think.

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