Leveraging Internal Social Networks * Thanks HR Ringleader!

Our CEO, Eric Mosley, had the privilege earlier this week of speaking at The Conference Board's 2010 Senior HR Executive Conference on "Leveraging Social Media."

We were honored that Trish McFarlane, author of the outstanding HR Ringleader blog, live-tweeted from the session and then wrote a post on "The How and Why of Leveraging Internal Social Networks."

The power of social in the workplace isn't just finding ways to use Facebook or LinkedIn to your advantage with your employees. Rather, the power lies in learning from these (and other) networks and applying the best strategies and tactics to uncover your internal social networks, tracking those relationships and, critically, feeding and building them through recognition.

A couple of quick excerpts from Trish's post, but I encourage you to click over, read the full post, and join the discussion there.

Eric Mosley, Chief Executive Officer of Globoforce presented one of the finest sessions I’ve seen all year.  I’d like to share some of the items he covered regarding the internal social networks in organizations and the impact of tracking the relationships.

Globoforce sees the benefit of tracking and identifying the internal social network and are doing so through social graphing.  It allows the leaders to see who the influencers are and which employees are breaking down the silo barriers. 

Eric talked about how the size of the organization can impact these relationships.  Imagine you have 3,000 employees or even 30,000.  It is not possible to share information easily among this number of employees in an efficient manner.

If you believe like I do that influence does not come from holding a specific title and that organizations need to do a better job of identifying their influencers, I encourage you to connect with Globoforce.  They are also doing amazing things with regard to identifying recognition via social graphing.

How are you using (or wish you could use) social to your advantage in the workplace.

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