My New Year Resolutions

Thank you all for a terrific 2010. I hope you’ve enjoyed the dialogue of this blog as much as I have. In the spirit of hope that comes with the ringing in of a New Year, I share with you my top 5 resolutions as a manager:

1) Continue to make a top priority recognizing my colleagues for their efforts that make Globoforce a successful company and a fun place to work.

2) Always remember it’s just as important to stop, acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of others as it is to “get the work done.”

3) Notice the efforts of those not on my team or in my location and take the time to thank them for it.

4) Keep it real. Always be sincere in my appreciation.

5) Make the time to be specific. Always remember a quick thanks is valued, but a detailed description of why I appreciate someone’s efforts is even more so.

What are your workplace resolutions in the new year?

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