Employee Appreciation Starts with One Day

I’d like to start today’s entry with a big “Thank You” to our Globoforce team throughout the world. It is our pleasure to be working with such a terrific team of talented, committed and “engaged” people. Our success is your success and we couldn’t be where we are today without you. Happy Employee Appreciation Day to all!

As I mentioned in my postings this week, it’s important to recognize your employees on this day and even more critical to establish ongoing employee recognition efforts that build a Culture of Appreciation within your organization. Creating a work environment where people are appreciated, know that their hard work makes a difference, and internalize the company’s success as their own will propel your organization to the next level. Your company will see less turnover, more satisfied employees focused on the big picture, and ultimately experience new levels of growth and profitability.

Studies prove that effective employee engagement programs are the next significant ROI opportunity that can deliver measurable results to your bottom line. A Watson Wyatt study of three million employees showed that companies with successful employee engagement programs enjoyed a 109% three-year median return to shareholders vs. a 52% return for the same period for those companies that did not (as quoted in Forbes magazine, 2004).

Unfortunately, studies also show that only one in seven employees is fully engaged at his/her workplace – and that one in four is actively disengaged. In our view, recognition is the “Tipping Point” that makes the vital difference between employees being “willing ones” or truly “engaged” ones. As our CEO Eric Mosley once said: “The day employees think they are not going to get any recognition for doing a good job or doing extra work – that is the day they stop doing that work.”

So, use this day to take the first step to build a new, energized culture within your organization – and convert Employee Appreciation Day into a year-round Culture of Appreciation across your organization!

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