Meet the CEO – the Chief Engagement Officer

Last week Globoforce hosted a webinar led by John Smythe, author of The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer: Turning Hierarchy Upside Down to Drive Performance.

I appreciate the concept of elevating the role of engagement to the c-suite level. But this is not John’s only point. John discusses in great detail the definition of truly engaged employees, their value to the organization, and how to turn your hierarchy upside down to engage employees at all levels of the organization to drive company performance.

John, co-founder SmytheDorwardLambert and now a deputy chair at the Engage Group, uses a series of actual business case studies of the positive impact of increased employee engagement to a company’s bottom line. He also describes how to better engage employees by appropriately sharing power with them in the decision making process for company strategy and change management.

John describes engaging leaders as those who can create the right conditions for others to engage themselves by:
  • Setting clear roles and responsibilities
  • Putting everyone’s work in the context of strategy
  • Providing performance feedback
  • Exercising “hard love”
  • Providing a safe environment for people to take risks and challenge the status quo

I invite you to download the webinar and learn from an expert how to drive performance through increased employee engagement.

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