Website Launch: Our Ambition to Innovate Global Recognition

I’m pleased to announce Globoforce launched a new website today. I encourage you to check it out to learn about our global heritage, ambition and innovation.

Since our inception, our ambition has been to improve our customers’ employee engagement levels across divisions, countries and cultures through our on-demand employee recognition solutions. We do this by making recognition meaningful to every employee everywhere in the world by enabling daily thank you moments that are culturally relevant and personally desirable. And our strategic approach to recognition proves the value the program delivers to your bottom line through more engaged, more productive employees who drive company performance.

What do we mean by global, ambition and innovation?

Global in Nature. Inherently Local.
What is the value to you of global capabilities and an understanding of local cultural needs around the world to you? Globoforce was born global with global workforce recognition needs our primary concern. We are building global locally and offering global everywhere.

Global Ambitions for the Power of Recognition.
What is your ambition for the culture of your organization? Globoforce redefines recognition done right—recognition that is strategic, frequent, timely and without boundaries.

Innovating Recognition.
Do you believe innovation is a driver to moving forward? Globoforce is the thought leader, the product innovator and the service provider that delivers locally around the world every day.
Check out our new website today.

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