Recognizing the Experts

Dear Workforce, a help column feature in Workforce Management, recently ran a question about how to recognize a subject matter expert who often helped others, but rarely received the credit for his work or even a thank you for his efforts.

The column offers good advice on designating subject matter experts as such to formalize their role and to “foster improved collaboration and knowledge sharing through recognition.”

Over time, anyone giving up their time to help others with their expertise will stop doing so if they are not thanked for their efforts. It is a simple thing to acknowledge a person. A strategic recognition program documents that effort in a way that not only shows the experts they are valued, but also allows the company to track how many people are acting as experts and how frequently they are engaging in these efforts. Recognition program administrators can easily set this up by including a reason for recognition such as teamwork or expert contribution or similar. Often, this will also align with the company’s values.

Every person deserves to be recognized for their above-and-beyond contributions. It is up to us, the managers, to provide a forum and a tool to make that possible.

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