Employee Engagement, Recognition and Performance Management

IBM and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) recently released new research proving the ROI of talent management.

One particularly interesting finding of the “Integrated Talent Management” study was:

“Organizations that apply talent management practices demonstrate higher financial performance compared to their industry peers. Those specific talent management practices that most distinguished financial outperformers from other organizations are understanding and acting upon employee engagement and aligning recognition and performance management systems.”

This finding is not surprising to me, however, because of the strong correlation we have repeatedly seen and that has been proven through numerous research studies showing the dramatic influence strategic recognition can have on employee engagement. And our customer Intuit recently shared through a webinar how integrating recognition into their performance management process has been a secret of their success.

Even in today’s tough economic market, we are seeing forward-thinking companies adopting strategic recognition as key means to drive employee engagement and increase the financial performance of their organizations. What is your organization doing in this space? Tell us about your experiences in comments.

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