Intuit “Spotlights” Global Recognition Success in Webinar

Intuit, a valued customer of ours for many years, joined me last week for a webinar “Spotlighting” their global strategic recognition program. The subject of a recent Stanford Graduate School of Business case study, Intuit and their “Spotlight” program have achieved their goals to:

1) Say thank you globally to drive employee engagement
2) Implement an easy-to-use system
3) Integrate recognition into the performance management process

As Jim Grenier, vice president of rewards, workplace and HR global shared services, and Jennifer Lepird, senior compensation business partner, of Intuit reiterated, recognition is the “simplest and most positive form of informal feedback.”

Adopting this attitude becomes even more important in our current business environment where 65% of Americans claim they get no recognition and 80% of global employees cite lack of recognition as a reason for leaving a job.

As Jim and Jennifer explain, Intuit chose to drive their company culture through recognition, which naturally increased employee engagement levels. Intuit’s past and current CEOs have supported this cultural direction because of the direct link they see between engagement and financial performance.

I encourage you to download the recorded webinar to learn more about Intuit’s successful global strategic recognition program and how you too could benefit from a culture of recognition.

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