Study Supports Generation Y Needs for More Recognition

In her latest research, Cindy Ventrice found that Generation Y expects more feedback and encouragement than younger workers. The survey of more than 800 respondents also found that employees 25 years old and younger also “have a more pronounced need for praise (3.6) than other newer workers (3.3) and even more so than the overall workforce (3.0).” (based on a five point scale, with five most preferred)

Based on these findings, Ventrice’s recommendations to managers is: “Don’t keep young employees guessing. Let them know they are on track, and they will reward you with increased enthusiasm.”

Our strategic employee recognition programs support this recommendation with a tool that not only makes frequent recognition easy, but also provides a way to track recognitions over time, enabling managers and employees from any generation more fully understand their value and contribution to the organization and their colleagues. Read more in our latest white paper on strategic recognition in a multigenerational, multicultural workforce.

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