Generation Y, Recognition and Performance Management

Wolfgang Seidl of Personnel Today recently wrote about the demands and different working styles Generation Y brings to the workforce. I was particularly intrigued by his comments about the “high-maintenance” nature of Gen Y. Seidl calls Gen Y members “somewhat spoiled by intense levels of attention from parents keen to develop them,” which will require managers to learn to “‘parent’ younger staff in ways that will inspire them to play to their strengths but also reign in weaknesses and set boundaries.”

While this vastly generalizes all members of Generation Y, multiple research reports have come to the same or similar conclusions on managing Gen Y members. All of this speaks to the need to more frequently recognize desired and preferred behaviors, attitudes and actions displayed while on the job. This is a major tenet of strategic recognition in the 21st century and just one of several points I elaborate on in our latest white paper: “The New Era of Strategic Recognition: Engaging Multi-Generational and Multicultural Teams in the 21st Century Global Workforce.”

Annual or even bi-annual performance reviews will not provide the feedback and reinforcement this younger generation of high-performing workers needs. Strategic recognition, appropriately used, meets the need for positive performance management, frequently delivered.

Are you managing Gen Y? Do you see this need for constant feedback? What are your tips for success? Join the conversation in comments.

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