Understanding and Managing the Four Generations

Last week I announced the availability of our newest white paper: “The New Era of Strategic Recognition: Engaging Multi-Generational and Multicultural Teams in the 21st Century Global Workforce.”

But what are the major differences in the four generations in the workforce today? While our white paper discusses the differences in recognition needs and wants, Tim Wright, author of the Culture to Engage blog, recently published a series of posts on the generations including this one with more general information on the work styles of the generations.

Tim also comments in an earlier post on the new skills management will need to develop to deal with these generational dynamics and how group/team dynamics are affected by generational differences. Both conspire to affect employee engagement levels and must be addressed proactively and with patience.

What are your techniques for managing across the four generations? Do you vary your style depending on the age/generation of the person you are working with? Tell us about it in comments.

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