Be Creative with Your Motivation

In its Motivation Theory and Leadership section, recently discussed seven methods of intrinsic motivation:

• Motivation through Challenges
• Motivation through Curiosity
• Motivation through Control
• Motivation through Fantasy
• Motivation through Competition
• Motivation through Cooperation
• Motivation through Recognition

While I certainly agree with these ideas as effective methods of motivation based on the unique needs of the person being motivated, “motivating through recognition” should actually be woven throughout the other six. By effectively recognizing the behaviors and actions you need for the company or project or team to succeed -- regardless of the type of "motivation approach" used -- you are reinforcing in the most positive way the value the individual's effort has to you, the manager, the team, and even the company. Recognizing the person’s ability to meet challenges, achieve through curiosity, control their environments, dream big, compete healthily with others, and cooperate for ultimate success all deserve recognition.

What’s your favorite means of self-motivation? How do you most often tend to motivate others? Join the discussion in comments.

2 comment(s):

At November 25, 2008 9:15 PM, Carin Moore said...

Competition is an ideal motivator because it appeals to individuals in different ways. A classic sales person, who thrives from reaching their personal high standard, can over achieve in public without being, well...sickening. On the other hand, competition is entertaining for the rest of the troops who aren't intrinsically motivated to be the best. For the middle of the road achiever, 2nd or 3rd place is o.k. too! Carin Moore, Seattle Sales Professional who likes to compete to win

At November 26, 2008 8:57 AM, Anne Marie said...

Though it may be entertaining, it is not motivating for many people, and in an economy in the state it is in today, wouldn’t it be best to not just entertain but motivate those 2nd or 3rd place people to drive the business forward for the company?