Building a Culture of Appreciation for Increased Productivity

Human Resources Executive and The Financial Post both recently reported on new research by the Kenexa Research Institute that surveyed more than 20,000 employees from 14 countries on their level of engagement.

Critical findings include:
* Engaged employees are aligned with company goals and are personally vested in the outcomes.
* Engaged employees are inspired by their leaders with confidence in the future.
* An engaged workforce delivers superior business results.

In today’s economic climate, no company will say they do not need superior business results – especially if achieving those results is as simple as gaining greater productivity out of their current workforce by inspiring them through the current company goals.

But many ask, “How do we do that?”

The problem lies in the fact that most employees couldn’t tell you what their company’s goals or values are, much less how their every day actions on the job demonstrate those values or help the company achieve those goals. Sure, a plaque or poster may hang in the hallway or breakroom, but that is often meaningless and certainly forgettable for the average employee.

To make the values come alive and give each employee vested interest in accomplishing the goals, it’s as simple as recognizing employees for those actions that demonstrate the values or achieve the goals. Did an employee demonstrate “Teamwork” to deliver a project ahead of schedule? Recognize them for that effort and specifically call out the teamwork aspect. Did someone’s effort on a potentially small task lead to the entire organization delivering a key project? Thank them and help them see their role in the big picture.

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