Motivating Employees for Operational Excellence

Workforce Management recently addressed a question on motivation and empowerment of employees in its “Dear Workforce” column. The writer asks, “What type of tool could we use as a process to measure our personnel’s awareness of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives?”

The answer is no different than in a strategic recognition program – structure the program so that the quality objectives are included as specific reasons for recognition, then require one of these objectives be selected as the primary reason for recognition. Be sure to then recognize “personnel activities” that achieve these objectives. The recognition recipient will then have a very clear understanding of what activities or actions the company wants repeated. This positive performance management method strongly supports program success – in any kind of program.

The respondent also included other critical elements to success:
1) Secure a champion, preferably the CEO or close to that level.
2) Allow all employees to participate
3) Measure program progress and success

Do you have any additional suggestions on how to address a similar situation? Share them in comments.

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