Tips for Managing "Economic Mayhem"

David Zinger in his Employee Engagement Zingers blog recently made several excellent suggestions for “Managing Economic Mayhem: When Life Throws You a Lemon…Duck!”

His points were:
• Expect disengagement
• Include yourself in the points made above.
• Look for loss and give it voice.
• Engage fully in your work as a powerful antidote to fear.
• Eliminate Pollyanna positive thinking now.
• Practice authentic optimism.
• Upturn your resilience to balance the economic downturn.
• Laugh to last.

I encourage you to read his post for the details. Our clients, in general, are handling this downturn well. We’re seeing our customers and other thoughtfully led companies increasing their investment in their strategic employee recognition programs right now because they truly understand the need for people to get some good news — to know they and their efforts are still appreciated in a frightening time. Some are also using the programs as an additional means to communicate modified company goals and how each person’s behaviors and actions can help the company achieve those goals during that time.

Now is the time to rise to a true position of leadership and engage your employees through positive recognition and reinforcement of company goals, objectives and values. What are you doing to make them feel appreciated?

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