Boost Morale and Productivity with Recognition

The effects of the psychological recession are as strong among employees and their efforts as the impact of economic recession is in the world markets. Workforce Management recently reported:

“Corporations are mistaken to think that employees who survive layoffs will “work harder out of gratitude,” according to a study by Leadership IQ. In fact, by their own admission, employees say their companies should expect less from them going forward. The Washington-based research company says nearly three-quarters of employees who held on to their jobs amid downsizing acknowledge that their individual productivity is declining, while nearly seven in 10 say their company’s product or service lines are in decline since the layoffs. The research is based on interviews with about 4,200 workers at roughly 320 companies that have enacted layoffs during the past six months. Other key findings:
• 87 percent are less likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.
• 64 percent say their colleagues’ productivity is declining as well.
• 81 percent claim customer service is falling.
• 77 percent “see more errors and mistakes being made.”
• 61 percent forecast “worse” prospects for their company’s future.

Coupled with an earlier Leadership IQ report, this paints a bleak picture for talent-hungry companies. It reveals that 47 percent of high-performing employees are actively seeking other jobs, compared with 18 percent of low performers and 25 percent of middle performers.”

As our CEO Eric Mosley recently commented in a CareerSmart Advisor newsletter article:
“In a recession, the first thing that gets hit is productivity. As people worry about the economy and the stability of their jobs, recognition programs can help alleviate some of that worry. During these tough economic times when financial perks are being cut from budgets, some employers are turning to recognition as a way in which to keep employees happy. Recognition is a low-cost way of getting that return. You’re filling a gap and boosting their feelings toward the company. Over the past three years, we’ve seen recognition grow as an important tool in HR, and in the past months, we’ve seen the rate increase even more.”

OnPoint Consulting has also recently recommended “dusting off recognition programs” saying, “Although many companies have recognition programs in place, they are often not being used effectively.

We’ve proven this at numerous clients who have saved up to 50% of their existing recognition program costs simply by consolidating multiple disparate programs into one and implementing efficient global administration. Globoforce’s strategic recognition programs take the buried and distributed budget of multiple legacy initiatives, consolidate it into a single global program, track it, and provide executives with reports on the value of the program across the corporation. Globoforce even offers a service to audit your established recognition programs to help you gain a full understanding of your current program spend, impact and level of governance.

As Rob Schmitter, global recognition leader at Nortel Networks, said in a recent webinar, “With Globoforce, we were able to more than double the number of employees receiving recognition for the same budget we were spending with our previous vendor.”

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