Globoforce Podcasts on Employee Recognition & Engagement Now Available!

I’m thrilled to announce Globoforce now has podcasts available to make it more convenient to lean about the value of strategic recognition programs in this recession.

Two are currently available on our website with more to come regularly:

In “The Competitive Advantage of Strategic Employee Recognition during a Recession” I discuss the impact the declining state of the global economy, layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures and the credit crunch are having on employees and how strategic employee recognition can boost morale, increase productivity, and save your company money by eliminating the waste common in tactical, ad-hoc recognition initiatives many companies have in place today.

In “Great Expectations: Building the Employee Recognition Program Your CEO Wants” I highlight the results of a recent survey we recently conducted with middle- and senior-level HR and HR-related personnel about CEO perceptions of recognition programs as they relate to corporate objectives within their organization. I also offer best practices based on our work with some of the world’s largest organizations for improving existing recognition efforts.

Stay tuned for more podcasts! I’ll post here when new downloads are available.

Tell me what you think of these podcasts in comments. Also, let me know any topics you’d like to have me cover in future podcasts.

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