Recognition for Offline Employees with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Kyla Deveraux, manager of learning and development at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, joined me last week for a webinar: “Turn Moments into Memories with Strategic Recognition.”

Built on Fairmont’s mission to turn moments into memories for their guests and on the company’s brand promise and values, the Serviceplus employee recognition program acknowledges employee behavior that delivers on these goals. Kyla discusses in the webinar how Fairmont uses Serviceplus to “turn moments into memories” for their colleagues who go above and beyond.

Since the majority of Fairmont’s employees are offline, Kyla also shows unique aspects of their program to address the needs of offline workers as well as continually communicate the program appropriately to all employees.

Serviceplus has been a resounding success for Fairmont, who has seen significant improvement in the recognition factor on the company’s employee engagement survey since launch of Serviceplus more than two years ago. As Kyla says, “Serviceplus is not an incentive, but a means to celebrate in a way that enhances our culture.”

I also discuss in the webinar the urgent need for HR to rescue employee morale and productivity in this recession and how strategic recognition programs can help.

I encourage you to download the webinar to learn more. Then tell me what you think in comments.

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