BusinessWeek, Gucci & Insight into Employee Engagement

In this excellent BusinessWeek article on employee engagement in a recession, Robert Polet, CEO of Gucci, made the statement:
"Employees need to understand both current and long-term direction, as well their role in it, to remain motivated and engaged."
I couldn't resist commenting to the article:
"In fact, this is a best practice we encourage through strategic recognition - tie every employee recognition directly to a strategic goal contributed to, or company value demonstrated. In this way, employees begin to understand how they, in their specific function, are contributing to the company's success. And since you are educating in this way positively - by saying thank you - employees want to repeat those behaviors you most need to succeed. Much more on this topic here."
Apparently, BusinessWeek thought it was a worthwhile comment as they picked it up to feature on the homepage today and for the long-term here.

The employee engagement conversation has never been more important or more dynamic. Join in via comments!

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