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The announcement of our upcoming 14 May webinar, “Ask the Experts: Using Recognition, Compensation and Human Capital Management as a Catalyst for Positive Change in a Recession” (register here, more info here), sparked a lively discussion on LinkedIn on valuing employees in good times and bad, including this comment from Lisa Pehler, a Human Resources Business Partner:
“Management looks for quick fixes and then drops them like an old hat when the need has been fulfilled. Due to the current economic situation and the need for creativity to keep what workforce we have engaged, we just happen to have the ears of senior management. As HR business partners, we need to take advantage of this opportunity for the sake of employees and for the sake of building our economy. The true test (and goal) of HR practitioners is to keep this topic on the forefront into the future so these types of employee engagement activities don't become a quick fix, but remain BAU practices that continue to engage the workforce & grow the business.”
Similarly, a conversation I started on “How Are You Influencing Your Company Culture" drove interesting comments such as a this one from Hector Francisco Torres, a senior HR executive at Proquinal, S.A.
“Communication is not enough. Cultural changes are a matter of credibility and managerial buy-in. If you are able to convince senior executives to 'walk the talk', it's highly likely that you succeed in your cultural change iniciatives.”
I’m really enjoying the interaction with colleagues available in social networks such as LinkedIn. I encourage you to join in.

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