Change Management Success Stories

In my last post, I discussed the five steps of how to effect and sustain positive behavior and culture change in an organization. As promised, today’s post shares the stories of just a few of our clients who have accomplished precisely this through Global Strategic Recognition programs.

Amgen “Bravo!”
Amgen needed a tool to keep the staff engaged and provide recognition in a timely manner, so the recognition reinforces that accomplishment and behavior. Before creating the program, Amgen thought hard about the behaviors it wanted Bravo! to reinforce. Bravo! is designed to create business outcomes that impact the company and improve people's lives. Recipients really have to be living the Amgen values.

Symantec “Applause”
Symantec defines the importance of recognition this way: “Employee loyalty drives customer loyalty, which drives revenue – making recognition a business proposition at Symantec.” Symantec created “Applause” to support company goals and values, immediately recognize desired behaviors, help individuals understand how they contribute to achievement, and eliminate a “culture of cultures.“ Symantec went from determining business requirements for the program to go-live globally in just three months, realizing a quantifiable culture change in just six months!

Biogen Idec “Applause”
Recognition is a vital part of the Biogen Idec culture of meritocracy, motivating people to deliver the same kind of desired results on an ongoing basis for colleagues, patients and shareholders. “Applause” program objectives include reinforcing and promoting behaviors that reflect company values and promoting and enhancing a common corporate culture across all employee populations. By bringing the company values to life, Biogen Ides is driving the employee behaviors needed to achieve strategic goals.

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