Appreciation Myth Busters Webinar * March 15

“A paycheck is thanks enough.” “An annual performance appraisal is suitable feedback.” “Incentives are the best means of motivating all employees.”

Are you as sick of these employee appreciation myths as I am? Join me 
and industry experts David Zinger and Zane Safrit for a webinar on Tuesday, March 15, at 11:30 (Eastern Time), as we bust the 10 most common myths in the workplace today about employee appreciation and recognition.

David, employee engagement expert and founder of the Employee Engagement Network, Zane, author of Recognize Your Employees - 52 Weeks, 52 Ways, and I will also reveal the techniques that truly work. We’ll be looking to webinar participants to share their own appreciation myths as well as challenge our panel of experts on how to eradicate these myths from the workplace.

We’ll also share proven strategies for addressing low levels of appreciation, including strategic recognition and effective engagement principles. Get this right and you’ll see the measurable benefits directly to your bottom line.

Register for the free webinar todayand share your appreciation myths (and myth busters) in comments.

Also, don’t forget to tweet your tips for employee appreciation and recognition using hash-tag #appreciationtip to be entered to win a copy of the Winning with a Culture of Recognition eBook or Amazon Kindle pre-loaded with the eBook.

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