Launching “Recognize This!” Blog in 2 Weeks!

Recognize This! – Always make room for your people to grow their individual talents while making room for others to join in the fun!

I’m excited the time has come for me to expand this blog and launch it separately from the Globoforce corporate website. I’m taking this approach now for two key reasons:

1) Expand range of discussion to include the talent management spectrum
In the last three years of blogging, I’ve tended to focus on strategic employee recognition and rewards and how those programs influence employee engagement and performance management. But the power of recognition extends beyond those topics across the entire talent management spectrum from recruiting and on-boarding through to succession planning and exiting. I’m excited to dive more deeply into those areas in my new blog, Recognize This!, starting Monday, May 2.

2) Broaden the scope of the Globoforce blog to many more voices of insight and expertise
I’ve had the honor and the privilege of being the “voice of Globoforce” in the blogging community for the last three years. But we have many more experts in employee recognition and strategy who deserve a platform. On May 2nd this blog, the Globoforce Blog, will become a multi-author corporate blog discussing the latest Globoforce news, events, products, strategies and other insights into strategic employee recognition.

What This Means for You/Logistics

For my current blog subscribers, I’ll be moving the email and RSS subscription lists directly over to my new Recognize This! blog since the content and format will be largely the same. You will not need to do anything to continue to receive these posts and updates.

For my Twitter followers, I’ll be launching my own Twitter handle - @DerekIrvine. You can follow me there as well as @Globoforce.

For future Globoforce Blog subscribers, you will need to subscribe to the new multi-author GloboBlog, even if you are already an email or RSS subscriber here. It would be unethical for me to duplicate the subscription information onto a new blog that subscribers did not originally sign up for. You can go ahead and subscribe now if you like, though active posting is not scheduled to begin until May 2.

Let me know if you have any questions about the new blog structures. I’m very excited about the new approach!

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